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Retreat to Self

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

"The entire spiritual journey back to the seat of Self is not about finding yourself, it's about realizing you are the Self." ~Michael Singer

Most of us spend our lives relating to our perceptions of the outside world, our sensations, thoughts, and emotions. There is, however, another world, a universe accessed within. All spiritual practices and endeavors are concerned with accessing this place, this reality. There are hundreds of paths: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sufism, Indigenous Ceremony, Shamanism, Yoga, Prayer, Mindfulness, Mediation, Energy work… the list goes on. Beyond the dogma, beyond the social norming, the mystical aspect of all paths is bringing us Home, back to Self, to Source; to realizing we are already free, enlightened, divine. From this place, without trying, we will see and act in accordance with Divine Law. Sometimes we get distracted. Occasionally, we veer off towards a mistaken identity with ego and the objects of awareness. Fortunately, we can always come home. We may, in an instant, turn awareness back upon itself, and a universe of possibility opens and expands. I look forward to meeting you in this space, a place beyond right doing and wrong doing. Love & Peace Always, Greg

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