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Soul Journeys is an adventure!

Soul Journeys is a place to deeply connect to yourself and others!

Soul Journeys is a space of peace, equanimity, and aliveness!

~ Greg Barringer


Soul Journeys is here for you; a place where you can be yourself, no pretense, no need to show up with the right clothes, or the right attitude, or the right friends and acquaintances. Show up as you are.

Soul Journeys is a space for you to be seen, heard, accepted, and held as you are.

Soul Journeys is an exploration into who you really are and what you deeply desire.

Soul Journeys is yoga classes, meditation sessions, yoga nidra, breath-work, Thai massage, relationship and mindfulness workshops, holistic retreats, spiritual trainings, private sessions, personal guidance, inspirational teachings, coaching, counseling, lively discussions, and welcoming community.


Soul Journeys is here to discover and celebrate your true self!

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