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“The wise proclaim that love is the only path,
love is the only God, and love is the only scripture. I am in fact a pilgrim on the path of love.”

~Swami Kripalu

Greg began his own soul journey during high school when he left central Maine to spend a summer working as a bartender in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. There he met people from all walks of life; hard working and drinking Irish men and women, who valued loyalty and friendship; vacationing Europeans who shared stories of life and cultures in lands he had not yet seen; and boisterous American tourist, sharing their insights and expectations on everything from the quality of the Irish roads to their pints of Guinness. Living in Ireland opened him to the diversity of people, to new ways of seeing the world, and to untold possibilities. He’s been on his journey of self-discovery and adventure ever since!

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As a young man, Greg threw himself into the world of competitive rowing. First, at Boston University and then training with the National Team and teaching hundreds of students from ages fourteen to eighty. Rowing reinforced virtues of hard work and dedication, but there was something more. As his proficiency grew so did his love. Love not only of crew but of everything; the other athletes (teammates and competitors), the sights and smells of the boathouses along the Charles River, the city, the university, the profound experience of being part of something greater than oneself.

While rowing, Greg found his way to yoga and meditation as a way to better prepare for races. There he discovered an expansion of possibilities beyond competition into the non-material and spiritual realms. Like in rowing, growth required dedication and commitment; he went on to sit and study with wonderful teachers at Kripalu, Amrit and Kamini Desai, Mahan Rishi and Kundalini Yoga, and Vipassana meditation. Eventually, his teaching acumen shifted to sharing the ancient and modern traditions of yoga and meditation.

In 2016 during his first journey to India questions and revelations arose. “What are we doing this for?” And realizing, “My mind is not going to be the primary source from which I shall derive happiness.” Up until then, when confronting a problem he thought, “I’ll figure it out.” and would set his mind to work trying to figure it out and thus control the outcome. Greg realized two things; one, this doesn’t work, and two, it will never work! There must be another way… The way of the heart and intuitive wisdom.

“What are we here for?” The question is existential for us all. For Greg, he meditated and contemplated upon this inquiry for months and came to three interconnected conclusions. One, we are here to create peace in our own life and in the lives of others. Two, we are here to connect genuinely and authentically to ourselves and others. And three, we are here to experience aliveness; life is an adventure! In summation, we are here to experience love.

Greg has committed his life and work to manifesting love. Using the practices of yoga, meditation, counseling, coaching, and breath-work, he designs and delivers experiences which connect people to their truth and to the source energy and wisdom which surrounds us and is always available to us.

Namaste, Sat Nam, Jai Bhagwan, Namo Buddhaya

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