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Private Sessions

Private sessions are an amazing and effective way to explore your true self, release internal blocks, heal past trauma, and deepen your personal practice. Every session is tailored to you and offers a unique opportunity to explore your specific circumstances, goals, issues and intentions. Benefits include: increased joy, peace, serenity, concentration, a noticeable feeling of aliveness, and greater presence in your daily life.

“Greg, your gifts are immense; truly, you make one feel “held” and loved while also allowing for one to question, challenge, and explore ways to expand one’s consciousness and even reality.  Thank you, so very much.”  ~ Aubrey, Wilton CT

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Counseling and Coaching

Private sessions are a wonderful opportunity to discover and encourage your true self through the reflection of the time-honored teachings of yoga, meditation, spiritual insight, and psychic healing. A safe and confidential space to share what is going on with you, be heard, encouraged, and guided.

Meditation and Yoga

Dive deeper into your meditation and yoga practices with sessions tailored specifically to you and where you are on your journey. Explore techniques not always accessible in a group setting. Ask specific questions regarding your own practice and the spiritual and practical aspects of the path.

Dynamic Breathwork

Our breath is the primary link between our subconscious and consciousness. It is an incredible tool for expanding our awareness and releasing trauma through disciplined practice. The ancient yogis were very aware of this connection and designed practices called Pranayama, control of the life force, to accelerate our healing and growth.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred healing art with deep roots in Thai medicine, Buddhism, and Yoga. The practice restores balance and harmony within the physical body, the energy field, the mind and spirit. Thai Yoga is a powerful experience of releasing tension, calming the mind, opening energy channels, and breaking psychic blocks.

Private Sessions may be experienced on-line or in-person and usually range from 45 to 90 minutes in duration. Fees are on a sliding scale, plus expenses (travel, supplies).

For inquires and bookings please click:

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Group Private Sessions and Off-Site Locations

Private Sessions may be customized to you, accommodating as many as you’d like and/or taking place at your location.

Please contact us to make arrangements.

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