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Peace & Purpose – Connect to Truth

Who are you? And how do you feel about you?  The most important journey we go on is the one to truly know and appreciate ourselves. From a place of self-awareness we may cultivate a deep sense of “okness” and are able to engage with others and serve society in a harmonious, balanced way.

Discover practices and techniques designed to illuminate who you really are, nurture a place of deep “okness” within, and manifest your dharma, life-purpose.

“Teacher, guide, soul friend, Greg has enabled me to connect more genuinely, process my experiences with kindness, and release what holds me back from being my true authentic self.” ~ Brenda, Westport CT

Intimacy Now – Authentic Relationships

Do you ever feel disconnected? Lonely? Like you’re not really being seen for who you are?  The quality of all our relationships emanates from the quality of our relationship with ourselves, with how we internally communicate and understand our own thoughts, feelings, desires and needs. From a place of clear self-knowledge we may truly empathize and connect authentically with others.

The manifestation of healthy relationships starts with having a genuine relationship with yourself. Explore relational practices of self-love and awareness; learn deeper understandings of attachment and communication styles, and what motivates us and others in relationship.

“The feeling of being connected to one’s partner, oneself, and everything is quite powerful. Greg’s work has strengthened our relationship immensely.” ~ Barbara & Wim, Darien CT

Awaken & Transform – Divine Balance

At some point we must up level our whole program, go beyond our individual needs and idiosyncrasies, and tap into a more expansive and elevated source of wisdom. How do we balance our more acquisitive masculine energies with our more nurturing feminine qualities? How do we allow ourselves to come into alignment and harmony with source energy, so we may be our best and most authentic self?

Explore transformational practices designed to empower and balance your feminine and masculine energies and awaken higher consciousness.

“I am deeply grateful for Greg's uncanny ability to bring me closer to my true nature. His humility shines through as he shares in both vulnerability and strength.” ~ Katherine, Ashland WI