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Letting Go of Fear

"The days of letting your fears and anxieties make all the decisions for you are over. A new time has arisen where you are patiently creating room... nourishing, liberating, letting the past rest, and fully embracing the present." ~yung pueblo Sixteen years ago, on the occasion of my leaving a job, my dad and I shared a conversation regarding love and courage. We discussed what is the most important virtue. His inclination was towards courage, as it made all other things possible. Mine, as you may guess, was towards love, as without love life seems very bleak. I have pondered this conversation many times and come to realize the paradox is, love and courage beget each other. It is often love of something, even if only ourselves, that grants us the courage to face our fears and challenges; and courage is often required to follow the path of our heart, to allow a deeper love to guide us towards a broader understanding and realization of ourselves. If we’re honest, we’ll realize many of our decisions are based on fear. We fear criticism, disappointment, ostracization, destitution, discomfort, pain, and we tend to hyperbolize their possibility. Anger and frustration (closing to love) are almost always motivated by the fear of something not working out as we prefer or expect. What if we had the courage to live in a place of love all the time? What if we knew things are always working out for our growth and enhancement? What if we realized our challenges, frustrations, and trepidations are here to help us transcend and love more deeply? Our practices are here to help us live from this truth… We are divine, eternal, and whole, all the time. I look forward to seeing you there. Love always, Greg

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