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Minding What Happens

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

“Do you want to know what my secret is?...

I don't mind what happens."

~J. Krishnamurti

I’ve been noticing my reactions, thoughts, feelings, and the stories I make up about why things happen. I cannot say, like Krishnamurti, I don’t mind what happens, but I can report I’m becoming more mindful of what happens. I am aware, my mind with its conditioning interprets events, and this initiates emotions, and this feedback loop creates my own reality. It is not an event that causes joy or pain, it is my mind’s interpretation and consequent release of hormones and chemicals, which trigger sensations and emotions, which make me conclude “I like this” or “don’t like this”.

I’ve been noticing, all unpleasant events have their silver linings, and all pleasurable experiences come with a degree of sadness. The more I’m able to step back, watch, participate and be present, the more fulfilling an experience becomes (regardless of outcome). The sweet spot seems to be when I’m fully engaged, watching, holding the moment lightly, and aware of it all, like being in a play and watching it at the same time.

Yoga and meditation are designed to enhance our ability to experience these flow states of presence, awareness, and connection. I look forward to sharing these moments (happy, sad, or neutral) with you.

Love & Peace



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