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Peace ~ Connection ~ Aliveness

May we be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow; May we never be separated from the source of happiness; May we live in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion; May we uphold the equality and sacredness of all lives. ~ Buddhist Prayer

As we continue to turn back towards the sun, let us set our intentions for a the year ahead:

May we be healthy, and may our loved ones be healthy, strong, light of heart, and clear of mind.

May we cultivate our own peaceful mind and heart, in the midst of the inevitable beauty and challenges which lie ahead.

May we connect more deeply: to ourselves, to nature and its rhythms, and to our fellow human beings.

May we ask good questions.

May we listen better to the replies.

May we explore, learn, lean into discomfort, and grow.

May we rest,

And take comfort in the company of those we love.


May the year ahead bring you peace, authentic connections, and a palpable sense of being alive.


Much love and light,



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1 commentaire

My sentiments exactly..

The sacredness of life!

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