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Goddess Awakening!

Updated: May 12, 2023

“I would like to walk with you through that lucent wavering forest of bluegreen leaves with its water sun and three moons towards the cave where you must descend, towards your worst fear… I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.”

~ Margaret Atwood

“We are invited to forget ourselves on purpose, cast our awful solemnity to the winds, and join in the general dance.”

~ Thomas Merton

As we progress on our journey from Self-love, through Loving others, to Divine love we’ll eventually ask, “Beyond my own freedom, what is this for?” We’ll look around and see tremendous suffering in the world and want to do something about it. We’ll realize we need a transformation of consciousness towards a more nurturing, collaborative, feminine model of reality. We need to awaken the Goddess!

Every person, regardless of gender, has both masculine and feminine qualities of energy and wisdom. These qualities are neither good nor bad, and we need both to function optimally. Here is an outline of these energies and ways of being:

Feminine Masculine

Moon Sun

Yin Yang

Shakti Shiva

Collaborate Command

Steward Control

Nurture Acquire

Flow Achieve

Inquisitive Authoritative

Enhance Protect

Sensual Thoughtful

Sensitive Stoic

Vulnerable Powerful

Listen Dictate

Intuitive Expansive

Allowing Responsible

Forgiving Enforcing

Creative Logical

Tender Courageous

Flexible Stable

Empathic Rational

Over centuries, however, and mostly at men’s behest, our societies’ values have moved increasingly towards favoring, validating, and legislating masculine models of being in the world, while diminishing the feminine. Women and men both, to achieve their own success and status, have had to cultivate and assume more masculine qualities and perspectives.

This unadulterated embrace of masculine proclivity has led to tremendous disparity, all wars, and existential environmental destruction. We essentially have the technologies and resources to fix most of the world’s big problems: environmental degradation, income inequality, housing access, educational opportunity, food security. We simply don’t have the collective awareness and willingness to do so (almost all media keeps us IN this model mindset)!

A paradigm shift is required, where we collectively prioritize and emphasize our feminine wisdom and energy and respectfully demur our masculine. We must awaken the Goddess within all of us!

We do this primarily through deeply listening and tuning in, following this energy and insight, and supporting others in doing so. We can't do it alone! We must bring our masculine courage and determination to support our feminine compassion, wissom and understanding; we are all connected! While in Costa Rica we’ll cultivate this process of enlightenment, empowering ourselves, our relationships, and our divine feminine wisdom and energy.

Godspeed and love to us all.


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